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  • Category:Adventure
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  • Version:1.0.2
  • Size:29.98MB
  • Downloads:66
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  • Requirements:iPhone-3GS,iPodTouchourthGen,iPodTouchThirdGen,iPhone4,iPod-touch-with-mic,iPhone-3G,iPhone,iPod-touchiPad2Wifi,iPadWifi,iPad3G,iPad23G


    Game Information

    * lite version is not, all game content is available.

    A stunning mixture of defense game and FPS!
    First mission.
    Shoot zombies and save civilians!!

    Zombie VS Sniper is optimized for smartphones and has the following features:

    1) Programmed with Full HD, you can enjoy dazzling high-quality graphic.

    2) The quality of this game is proven by having won the Global App Award.

    3) High-quality effects and sound give you thrilling reality.

    4) An exciting experience with unique zombies from various maps is waiting for you. It will make you sweat!

    5) Optimized for smartphone, the controlling is so vivid and realistic that you will feel like you are actually shooting it.

    6) Because missions are strategically formulated, you won't feel boring.
    Accomplishing missions will give you great pleasure.

    7) The game reflects ballistics such as direction of the wind, and the speed of the bullet which arouses realistic excitement.

    8) There are plenty more to enjoy ; Growing of the character, Avatar system, equipment system, etc.

    * This game is introduced as a winner of the Global App Award and featured APP.

    1) jack*** : Finding this kind of high-quality game always gives me a thrill.

    2) pagk*** : Sniping zombies? Super cool! This reminds me of Dawn of The Dead.

    3) nola*** : A frightening boss that never dies by sniping! It is clever that the game make us use the hidden claymore mine.

    4) afdo*** : It is surprising that this game provides better control interface and realistic shooting sense than games for desktop computer

    5) fefe*** : At first I thought this was a simple game that just touches screen all the time. But it is far more than that. Strategic factors all over the game excite me!

    * Opinions from beta testers and power bloggers.

    1) 9181 : my hands got sweaty after completing a stage.

    2) 8347 : this game is just perfect. Not too hard, not too easy. Maybe a little bit difficult. But without this difficulty, it won't be exciting.

    3) 1033 : Spectacular effects! Am I a wacko? I felt catharsis all the time I was sniping zombies.

    4) 0025 : A perfect balance of a scope, secondary weapons, and mission.

    1) Touch the character. It will increase your concentration which makes your shooting easier because it deters the shaking of the scope regardless of the sensor.

    2) The weak point of puppy zombie is the twinkling red spot just under its head.
    Shoot here and you can take it down by one shot.

    3) Every training, and every mission provides you with 250 to 800 points.
    Buy magazines, not bullets with the points, and feel free from the pressure of bullet shortage.

    4) The red gage at the lower center of the screen shows the number of remaining zombies.

    What's New in Version 1.0.2

    Expanded the size of scope button.

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