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    Game Information

    This is the FREE DEMO of the Windows Phone 7 Metro User Interface for Android 2.1+. This is for those interesting in seeing what Android can do, but please consider the donation application is possible:

    The beauty and simplicity of Windows Phone 7, the openness of Google Android.

    This is a DEMONSTRATION (NOT an app or launcher) of the Windows Phone 7 User Interface implemented in Android OS 2.1+. Please donate to support development and be a beta tester to maintain a high quality UI.

    Where will this go?

    This is now the official user interface library used by applications that are part of the Seven+ Project !

    I cannot say for certain. Currently myself and a few friends will be using this to create other applications, such as my Windows Phone 7 Calculator application. In the future I will consider a public release (down the line when most of the bugs and performance hitches have been worked out) in some form, be it source or a library. In the mean time keep on the lookout for applications using this UI.

    What is this app?

    This is NOT an app, but a demonstration of a library that I am working on to allow developers to build applications for Android with the Windows Phone 7/ Metro User Interface. By purchasing this application you are supporting development.

    Why support this project?

    If you would like to see the Windows Phone 7 User Interface on Android, if you are just not satisfied with Android's current User Interface, or you just like helping others. This is a one man show, and by purchasing this application you are showing your support. Thanks!

    Icon by Chaitanya Bangera.

    Recent changes:
    - A number of improvements to the custom status bar.
    - Initial inclusion of the JumpView widget.
    - New icon courtesy of Chaitanya Bangera!
    - Please consider purchasing the donate application

    Content rating: Low Maturity

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