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    Game Information

    Wind Calculator Pro is an Android app, developed by creators of AlohaAloha.Net social network for fans of kitesurfing and windsurfing.
    «Wind Calculator Pro» will be you best prompter and will help you to choose any necessary equipment you will need to surf. It will help you to calculate wind speed as well.

    The program includes three main options:

    - Wind speed calculator.

    This option will help you to calculate wind speed in Beaufort, knots, km/h, miles per second, meters per second. Wind forces and their influence on sea is explicitly described. You won't scratch your head over converting of different wind speed measurement units.

    - Windsurfing Sail dimensions calculator with regard to your weight.

    You don't have to take all your sails on shore. All you need to do is to look through the weather-forecast and to estimate which sails you will need to surf. More over you will decide which sail to use by yourself, without asking your windsurfing instructor to give you an advice.

    - Kite dimensions calculator with regard to your weight.

    There is a time for kitesurfing, there is a time for leisure! Probably it is better to do your household chores when there is a strong wind outdoors? And if you are already a pro then take your smallest kite and go right on a shore. Kite dimensions calculator will prompt you a right decision.

    We have added an option «Beginner» for those who have just started to surf. In order to calculate the dimensions of training sails and kites put a mark in the appropriate box.

    Application's setup you can find in a separate window. Using setup options you can choose measurement system, preffered wind speed measurement units, enter your weight, your level of training, and choose a language you need.

    We do our best to make you feel yourself comfortable!

    You surf — We help!

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