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    Game Information

    A Contract Bridge Game that can be played by self offline against robot or connect via Internet to play with your friends. The robot uses SAYC/ACOL (partially implemented). It is a beta-release and is subjected to continue development efforts. Your comments on how to improve the game are welcome. For bug report, please email directly to

    For any complaints related to robot's bidding in solo game, you are recommended to use the in-app robot problem report mechanism. For online game, simply give us the board number and your username.

    If you continually got FC when starting the Solo Game, please go to the Game Record Viewer's menu option to report the problem to us, this is the most easy and effective way for us to figure out the problem. To remove the FC problem, you do not need to re-install the app. Simply go to the solo game settings screen and set the scoring method to "Single Game", that will remove the persistent data and fix the FC problem as well.

    Special Notice:
    In order to add Bluetooth feature to our game, we have decided to cease the support of Android 1.6. This is a special version that extends the expiry date for using 1.6 phones. So if you are still using 1.6 phone, please make sure that you have this update.

    Warning: The robot for the current release is weak. If you are a serious bridge player, please don't install it until production version released.

    Recent changes:
    - Add network access option to control Internet access (default set to disable).
    - Add network timeout (5 seconds) to splash screen.
    - Rewrite the 2NT-3D/3H transfer handler.
    - Fixed a bug which causes robot wrongly recognizes Micheal.
    - Fixed bugs in SAYC opener rebid module which causes robot bid shortage suit.
    - Fixed Micheal ask minor reply bug.
    - Fixed a bug which cause robot to under trump.
    - FIxed Cappellietti 1NT-(2C)-Pass-(2D) relay bug.

    Content rating: Medium Maturity

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