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  • Price:$1.99
  • Category:Strategy
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  • Version:2.2
  • Size:37.42MB
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  • Requirements:iPad3G,iPadWifi,iPad23G,iPad2Wifi


    Game Information

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    ♥♥♥ Warlords Classic HD is an official port of the fabulous game you have been playing in your childhood on PC, Mac or Amiga computers. Now it's available on your iPad! Enjoy old-school graphics, old-time map and fractions! Recall great memories! ♥♥♥

    Join the war to conquer Illuria in this classic fantasy strategy game. Choose any combination of up to eight humans and AI players to be battled for control on the map.

    The mission is simple – you should eliminate the other sides by capturing their cities. But victory is never easy - it can only be achieved by building massive armies, training and equipping mighty heroes, befriending legendary allies, and exploring the deep dark secrets hidden within Illuria's ruins.

    So make your choice! Will you lead the Sirian Knights, the Gray Dwarves, the Storm Giants, the Orcs of Kor, the Elves of Elvallie, the Horse Lords, the mysterious Selentine Empire or the evil Lord Bane? Whomever you choose, fortune and glory await you!

    Detailed User Manual is included. We strongly recommend you to read it through carefully to refresh your memories and know about a few differences between this version and original game.


    Q: How do I save or load the game?
    A: Warlords Classic HD saves the current game automatically on start and end of turn, before and after the battle, on ruin search etc… So, you cannot use “save-load magic”. This is what we call “fair play”.

    Q: Only one map?
    A: Since Warlords Classic is a Warlords 1 port, the only one original map of Illuria is currently included. However, we are working hard to provide you more maps to play in next updates.

    Q: Only “hot seat” play? Is multiplayer coming?
    A: Yes. We are going to implement the multiplayer mode via Game Center in next updates. Now you can train your command skills against 3 levels of AI.

    Q: Where are "Fog of War" and “Hero Quests” features?
    A: Since Warlords Classic is a Warlords 1 port and these features were introduced in Warlords II, they are not implemented in our version. We are not yet sure if we will ever implement them. Sorry.

    Q: Any other differences from the game I love for tenth of years?
    A: Yes, only a few. We have replaced libraries with tombs; you will always find money in tombs, and your hero will never die searching tombs. AI heroes do not search ruins yet; this feature will be added to AI in next updates. No diplomacy available, but we will implement it. Winning condition is to take the control over 55 cities of 80. Sirians fraction has +1 bonus on roads and bridges, because we all agree, Sirians definitely need some support.

    What's New in Version 2.2

    * Krilantis map added * Auto-show production option * Multiplayer: turn-miss bug fixed * Multiplayer: games to join information

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