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    Game Information

    Offline map, vector map, totally offline, no internet connection. This is demo version. Check for detail.

    Key features:
    *Offline map
    *Map data from Garmin/OpenStreetMap
    *Search street by name and/or intersection with other streets
    *Search point by name,type,distance or type+name, type+distance
    *Search GPS location by latitude and longitude in decimal format
    *Partial name search
    *Can touch object on map
    *GPS real-time tracking with built-in compass
    *Routing point to point
    *Rotate map
    *Voice guidance


    Basic User Guide

    Touch and drag to move map, pinch to zoom in/out, tap on + button or double tap anywhere on the map to zoom in, tap on - button to zoom out, tap on an object (street or point) to view its name, touch and hold (long press) an object (street or point) to open context menu apply to that object.

    How to use turn by turn navigation:
    You can use AutoRouting together with GPS tracking to have turn by turn navigation. To use turn by turn navigation, follow these steps:
    1. Increase your phone volume so that you can hear voice guidance.
    2. Open Setup menu and check "In Car Navigation When Tracking/Routing" and "Keep On Road When Tracking" options. If these options have been turn off then turn them on.
    3. Define start waypoint and target waypoint, select AutoRouting to calculate fastest/shortest route. After the application starts to demo the route, you can tap anywhere on the map to stop the AutoRouting demostration. The application remembered your route.
    4. Select GPS tracking menu and wait for the phone to fix GPS signal. It may take a few minutes to fix GPS signal depending on your phone GPS receiver.
    5. Mount your phone on the phone handle in your car.
    6. Drive along the fastest/shortest route, the application will guide you to go straight, turn left or turn right. Follow the turn by turn instructions you will reach the target waypoint.

    Please use this function turn by turn navigation carefully, always look at the road ahead while you drive instead of looking at the small phone screen to have a safe drive.

    Recent changes:
    Pinch to zoom in/out

    Supports all android phones and tablets screen sizes and densities (android 1.5 to android 3.2+)

    User can take screenshot and save to memory card

    Content rating: Low Maturity

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