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    Game Information

    Don't worry guys app will be updated and functional for the 2012 season!

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    Ultimate ScoreBoard is the best way to keep up with all the NFL teams. Live games ball possession, current down, yards to go, timeouts, score breakdown for each quarter, even see when penalties are called, fumbles, interceptions, touchdowns, fields goals, and when team with possession is in the red zone.

    This is the free version of Ultimate ScoreBoard Pro, this is meant to make sure the application will work on your device and give you a feel for the features available in the pro version.

    Free Version Restrictions:

    No Streaming Audio From Live Games

    App Settings
    1. Scores will update every 7minutes (Pro version default is 10seconds, but can be changed in settings menu)
    2. Only current week games are viewable (Pro version you can see past/upcoming games)
    3. Notification text color is black (Pro version you can change between Black, White, Blue, Red)
    Live Wallpaper Settings
    1. Default team is Baltimore Ravens (Pro version change between any 32 teams, this restriction is only for the live wallpaper you can change teams in the app)
    2. Scores will update every 7minutes (Pro version default is 1minute, but can be changed in seetings menu)

    App Features:
    Post Game information and scores and down to Facebook!
    1. Live Games (Toggle Button to turn live update on/off)
    LISTEN TO ANY GAME ! (BETA most teams work, if not use Radio #3 this will stream the opposing teams coverage)
    a) Scores
    b) Quarter
    c) Current Game Time
    d) Home and Away team name
    e) Current Down
    f) Yards to Go
    g) Score Breakdown by Quarter
    h) Ball Possession
    i) Game Action (Fumble, Flag, Interception, Touchdown, Field Goal, Extra Point)
    j) Red Zone alert (Live game bar changes to red)
    2. Previous Games/Upcoming Games (Ultimate ScoreBoard Pro Only)
    a) Scores (if applicable)
    1. If live scores enabled and game has ended, score breakdown by quarter viewable
    b) Start Time
    c) Date
    d) Home and Away team name
    Live Wallpaper Installation:
    1. Install app from market
    2. From your home screen press the menu key
    3. Select Wallpaper
    4. Select Live Wallpapers from the dialog box
    5. Select Ultimate ScoreBoard from the list
    6. Select Set wallpaper to make Ultimate Scoreboard your wallpaper

    Live Wallpaper Features (Live Games, Past Games, Upcoming Games):
    1. Scores
    2. Quarter
    3. Current Game Time
    4. Team Names
    5. Position Scoreboard (Top, Middle, Bottom)
    6. Hide Scores (Shows Stadium Football Stadium as Background)
    7. Dim Scores (Makes Home Screen content easier to view)
    8. Change Live Update Rate
    9. Turn Live Update Off

    Any bugs or errors that may arise please contact me with the problem and I will make an update as soon as possible.

    Please contact me before leaving negative reviews for any problems you are having. I will assist you with whatever issue or error you may have.

    1. Internet (used to retrieve game data)
    2. Access Network State (check if you have data connection)

    ***IceCandyEffects the developer of this app is not affiliated with the NFL in any way***

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    Recent changes:
    Don't worry guys app will be updated and functional for the 2012 season!

    Content rating: Everyone

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