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  • Version:1.0
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  • Requirements:iPhone4,iPhone-3GS,iPhone-3G,iPhone,iPodTouchourthGeniPad2Wifi,iPad23G


    Game Information

    Acme Toolkit, provider of toolkits for specialty professionals is proud to announce the latest in its line of field tools - Spy Toolkit. Today’s secret agent needs a reliable set of tools in a compact package. Touch the book on the far right of the top shelf (middle shelf in portrait mode) and the thumbscanner slides into view. Press your thumb for 3 seconds to access the tools hidden behind the bookcase (to deter access from undesirables). There you'll find three state of the art intelligence gathering tools. The compact lie detector is incredibly useful during interrogations. Targets with something to hide fear its accuracy. Need a secure spot for a clandestine conversation on the fly? The bug sweeper functionality is something you won’t be able to live without. Not only does it detect listening devices, but allows you to neutralize them right from the scanning screen. No need to dig through flower pots and behind picture frames. Finally, when you’re rifling through papers that you need to leave in their original spot, collecting the data can be hard with traditional cameras and scanners. The built-in spycam shoots multiple pictures at a time, quickly, and at high-resolution. You won’t miss a detail of those confidential weapon schematics when you review them later on the big screen. And the government you stole them from will be none the wiser. Normally, today’s professional intelligence gatherer/secret agent needs to carry three separate devices to perform even some of these functions. Thanks to Acme Toolkit’s Spy Toolkit, all three of these tools are available in one compact package. The entire device looks like a smartphone with a collection of eBooks to the untrained observer. Swipe the secret book to reveal the thumb scanner which will grant you access to this wealth of utilities. Professional spies from all over the world sing its praises: “Spy Toolkit’s Lie Detector has saved me one more than one occasion from getting blood on my tux during a tough interrogation. Thanks Spy Toolkit.” —Anonymous Agent. “Spy Toolkit’s built-in spy cam was instrumental in getting me the plans for ******* **** ********* from ******** ** *******.” —******** *****. “Before Spy Toolkit, opposing intelligence agencies were always listening to my conversations. Even personal ones. It was humiliating. No longer now that I use the built-in bug sweeper in Acme Toolkit’s Spy Toolkit.” —Secret Agent Man.

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