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SI Division Math HD, Wild West Theme


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  • Version:1.0
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  • Requirements:iPad2Wifi,iPad23G,iPad3G,iPadWifi


    Game Information

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    High speed, addictive math game, with 10 action packed levels.
    "Math doesn't have to be boring"

    Each level brings more challenging division problems and more gold coins for the math wiz. But be careful each math problem is timed, and the faster you answer the more gold you get. Answer a number of questions in a row, get more bonus coins. Need more time, buy time for coins.

    10 total levels of math fun
    - Earn or lose coins based on your answers
    - Bonus coins based on achievement
    - Write on the screen to help you answer the hard questions
    - Buy more time with the coins your earn
    - Each level adds more digits and more complex numbers

    Every time you play, the game has different questions. The questions increase in difficulty as you practice division. Each level brings you closer to being a math master.

    Awesome reward system
    - Your earn gold coins based on how fast you answer
    - Achievement bonus for the number of correct answers
    - Gold stars are added for each correct answer
    - Each level has up to 5 gold stars (100% 5 stars)
    - Use your rewards to pause the game while answering the question

    Educational tool for your future math wiz
    - Reward system keeps them interested
    - High speed game helps teach kids to instantly know the answer.
    - Write on the screen helps the kids visualize the answer and answer the harder problems

    Soon your kids will be telling you how many stars, and gold coins they have.

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