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  • Version:1.2
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  • Requirements:iPad23G,iPad2Wifi,iPadWifi,iPad3G


    Game Information

    Shell Magic for iPad is the classic shell game...with a "magic" twist.

    Be sure to read the message that comes up the first time you run the app. It tells you how to setup the magic trick that ensures the person trying to guess the location of the ball will fail.

    Here’s how it works. When you’re in the magic trick setup mode, move the shells to record your five "magic" moves. Memorize and practice these five moves. Then tap done to go back to the normal shell game.

    Challenge someone to follow the ball and start moving the shells around. When your five magic moves are executed in the exact order, presto, the ball disappears from underneath its shell. The next time any shell is turned over, it will be empty and the ball will be under one of the other two shells.

    You can make as many moves as you want before you do the magic sequence. And after you make the magic moves, you can make as many additional moves as you want. The magic will work the next time a shell is turned over. After that, the game works as normal until the five magic moves are executed again.


    What's New in Version 1.2

    Fixed bug where magic was disabled although it showed to be enabled.

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