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Roulette Expert (for consummate player & strategic genius)


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  • Version:3.0
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    Game Information

    As a consummate player, strategic genius, and forward-thinking intellect, you never bets unless the fix and your moments are in. More than 120 countries people are using InsightBet apps for playing both online and table roulette.You can determine, with enough accuracy to beat the house edge, which areas of the wheel is most likely to spin next. This is achieved by understanding the physics of roulette wheels, what patterns are likely to occur over the long term, and how to identify and exploit those patterns.

    What if you could look at the numbers displayed on a roulette marquee and get a pretty good idea of what numbers would hit within the next few spins? What if the casino no longer held an edge over you because you understood secrets about the nature and tendencies of random numbers? How valuable would this knowledge be? We have spent more than $380,000(USD) in the past six months just on the roulette research, how can we keep playing the game if we won't be able to cover our cost back?

    Roulette Expert is an app designed specifically for professional roulette player to observe the odds along with the physical and mathematical patterns of the Roulette.

    Does this app suggest results?
    A: This app is NOT " betting For Dummies ".

    Can someone beat roulette consistently?
    A: If you are looking for a roulette strategy that will win 100% of the time everywhere, you will never find it. Likewise you will never find somebody who magically deposits money into your account for no reason. You must understand even a genuine long term winning roulette strategy requires time and effort - it is not free money from the sky. So you are going to need to carefully select suitable wheels and conditions, and collect the specific information required by the software. Strategy always comes with money management and attitude. None of these can do without the other in the process of becoming a successful player. Consistently winning is far from easy, it requires determination, self control, study and practice.

    What should be your motto ?
    A: You will only play a game when you are in the right mindset: this means you will be able to concentrate fully, you should not drink too much alcoholic beverages. You have your money management worked out BEFORE you enter the game. Do not take larger risks than you can afford.

    What's New in Version 3.0

    - brand new algorithm

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