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    Game Information

    Try for FREE, full version -- 50% OFF Sale – ONLY TODAY - June 12, 2012
    ★★★★★ A title from our extremely successful Abby series -- all EIGHT (!) RANKED #1 APP FOR KIDS on APP Store in many countries.
    ★★★★★ Parents‘ Choice Awards’ Recommended Seal winner
    ★★★★★ APProved by Famigo!!! (The Famigo APProved program „recognizes developers who create delightful, family-friendly apps that have passed through [a] rigorous review process with flying stars (literally),“ source:

    Letters, Counting, Puzzles, Sizes, Shadows, Matching, Colors, Shapes, Differences, Patterns and more -- you are on the right address!

    Abby's Basic Skills application is a new application from a series developed by a team of educational experts from 22learn designed to best prepare your children for success in the kindergarten curriculum. Its simple, friendly interface offers children an engaging way to master the essential skills in the total of 14 (!) DIFFERENT EXCITING EDUCATIONAL ACTIVITIES (12 educational activities + 2 creative activities). We sincerely hope your children will enjoy them all!

    The ENTHUSIASTIC MONKEY CHARACTER is going to guide children through the whole game. As a reward after each round, children receive the opportunity to become creative artists and CHANGE THE DESIGN OF THE TRAIN, or obtain STICKERS TO SHOW OFF ON THEIR BOARD!

    Number Matching is a fun way to encourage both counting skills and and number recognition. It's a great kindergarten or preschool game that's educational without taxing the brain too much.

    ➊ LETTERS (full version only)
    Tap on the word that starts with the letter that was pronounced! Great for teaching children to realize the connection of letters to words, understand the position of the first letter, and practise matching the names of letters to their symbolic notation!

    ➋ COUNTING (full version only)
    Count the toys! Hearing the counting pronounced helps children to better remember the order of the numerals as well as get used to the counting procedure. Way to learn how to count!

    ➌ SIZES (full version only)
    Train the skills of understanding the comparative nature of concepts of big, small and the same!

    ➍ PUZZLES (full version only)
    Fix the broken toy! Puzzles mode enables your children to train fine motor skills and improve their logical thinking skills when they need to realize the correct position of each puzzle and understand how they together make a whole.

    ➎ SHADOWS (free)
    Drag the object to its silhouette!

    ➏ MATCHING (full version only)
    Match the toys! Matching game serves to train children's memory and understanding of the concept of the same. Children need to match in total four pairs of toys.

    ➐ COLORS (full version only)
    The task is to tap on the toy that is painted in a certain color. The task is made slightly easier by the fact that the name of the color is always written on the top of the screen, making the activity great for children only beginning with colors learning.

    ➑ SHAPES (full version only)
    Shapes is an activity designed to teach children recognition of names of common shapes (such as a square, rectangle, or triangle).

    ➒ PATTERNS (free)
    This activity gives children practice in the area of common patterns recognition. Task is to drag the object that completes the toy pattern into its correct place.

    ➓ SAME AND DIFFERENT (full version)
    This game tests the ability of comparing pictures and finding differences. Task is either to select the different toy among several others, or to find the same toy as the displayed one.

    We hope that your children will enjoy the application the same way our little beta-testers did.

    What's New in Version 1.1

    Minor game improvements.

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