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Pen Fight


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  • Version:2.1
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    Game Information

    2.1 UPDATE
    - Fixed install issues on some devices
    - Added vibrate on pen-hit
    - Improved AI's

    Now can be moved to internal storage (SD Card) due to popular demand!

    New flick mechanics, new AI difficulties, 8 new pens (including 2 special ones!)

    Follow us for latest updates and submit your requests for pens, levels, AI's and more!

    Pen Fight- the wildly popular game played on benches in classrooms across India is now available on Android for the first time! The aim of Pen Fight is simple - flick your pen to knock your opponent's pen off a table. While this may sound easy, defeating an able opponent is anything but. It requires strategy, patience and well timed aggression - skills best acquired in the Single Player mode!
    Single Player offers 20 levels of exciting game play. Each successive level offers a different arena and an increasingly difficult opponent. Choose 'Challenge mode' to heat things up - every attempt counts! Defeat the enemy pen and it is added to your collection of pens. Choose any pen from your growing arsenal to fight your next opponent. Each pen has it's strengths and weaknesses - discover which is your favorite! Two player mode is where you challenge a real life opponent to show off your skills. Don't forget to rub it in when you out-flick your opponent on your way to Pen Fighting glory! All pens unlocked in Single Player mode are available to both players. Choose your favorite arena and let the Pen-Fighting begin!

    Recent changes:
    Fixed install problems on some devices
    Improved AI's
    Added vibrate (permission needed) on pen collision

    Content rating: Everyone

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