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+UniversalAlso on iPad

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    Game Information

    In celebration of the release of TubeOrganizer itms://

    as a universal app, I am making Paper Clips full version available for free for one week only.


    Paper Clips Lite

    The cool addictive iPhone puzzle game.

    In this game you are competing against the computer in a puzzle game called Paper Clips. The objective is to make your opponent (the computer) have to pick up the last paper clip.

    Game Play

    The Game board starts off with four rows of paper clips. 
    In the first/top row is 1 paper clip. 
    On the second row is 3 paper clips. 
    The third row has 5 paper clips, 
    and the fourth and final row has 7 paper clips

    In any move, you can remove as many paper clips as you like. But there is one catch. The clips you choose to remove must all reside within the same row. So if there are 5 clips in the third row, you can remove 1, 2, 3, 4 or even all 5 paper clips in that third row, but you can't take some paper clips from row 3 and some paper clips from row 2 in the same move.

    This game is extremely catchy and fun to play.

    The Lite version is always in easy mode, which means the computer knows some tricks, but with your intellect, you should be beating the computer, in no time, no problem.

    The 99 cent version includes medium and impossible level. Please help support this out of work developer. Also, look for two player ability in the next month's update release of the 99 cent version.

    What's New in Version 1.0.1

    1) Fixed a small memory leak in an alert. 2) With that fix, I removed another class to make the size of the app and memory footprint a bit smaller. 3) Minor UI look tweak.

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