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    Have your text read to you. MySpeaker is a text to speech application. This application allows the user to write in text or copy and paste text and hear it read aloud.

    MySpeaker can take copy and pasted articles and read them to you via text to speech. MySpeaker is a great tool for students. Why read when MySpeaker can read it to you? Business people to get through text articles quickly and easily.

    Tip: When not connected to a charging device, tap or scroll in the text area to keep the text reading without closing MySpeaker for any reading time more than 1 minute. Continue to tap or scroll in the text area to keep the text to speech reading in approximately 45 second intervals until all of the text has been read aloud.

    Note: The user can plug in a charging device to listen to text articles that are longer than one minute of text to speech time and the text will be read to the end with no action from the user.

    Text can be highlighted then copied to the clipboard. To copy, just hold your finger on the text and the window opens (select text, select all) then move the colored tear drops to cover the text you want to copy.

    When you are done highlighting the text, tap "copy' in the window. Paste the text into MySpeaker to hear the text read aloud.

    MySpeaker can be used with natural sounding voices such as IVONA to get a more pleasant sounding text to speech experience. To get IVONA natural voices, go to Play Store and search for IVONA.

    This application has the following features:

    1. Talking device text to speech - Write text or copy and paste then click on the Play button, TTS engine will generate voice from text.

    2. Stop button allows user to stop the TTS engine from generating the voice.

    3. Clear button allows user to clear the text area.

    4. Adjust sound volume with the device's media volume button.

    Requires Android version 2.0 and higher.

    This text to speech application must be installed on the internal device storage only since it contains a home screen widget and a service. Cannot move to SD card.

    The following languages are currently supported:

    - English (American)

    Version 1.0
    Content rating: Everyone

    Content rating: Everyone

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