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    Game Information

    *** Movie Fan! 01 is also available for download from our all-new EZ+ Crosswords (originally EZ-30! 01). Enjoy!! ***

    You will LOVE this AMAZINGLY ENTERTAINING, MOVIE-themed game! Movie Fan! 01 includes 25 MOVIE-themed crosswords that test your knowledge and memory about movies. You will never dread about solving crossword puzzles, as you know movies like the back of your hand!! Being a true movie fan, you will be able to earn 5 BONUS puzzles if you play your cards right :)

    Don't miss out on the FUN! Familiar theme, FUN animations, helpful hints, and personalized experience make this game a MUST-HAVE! With this user-friendly game, you will never worry about getting stuck! You can send tweets to get help, and search the Internet for an answer without even leaving the game! If you run out of all the options, you know you can always get hints or even cheat as a last resort :)

    Please keep in mind that you can earn 5 BONUS puzzles if you successfully complete any one of the 25 puzzles without cheating or getting hints. You are allowed to search the Internet and send tweets though.

    We have included a comprehensive User Guide in this game. Here are some highlights:


    Crossword List
    * Tap on a frame to work on a puzzle.

    Crossword Player
    * Ever wonder what else you are gonna see besides twinkling stars? Try to complete as many puzzles as possible ;)
    * You will hear from us if you try very hard to solve the puzzles yourself without cheating :)
    * Enjoy the incredible audio/visual experience after completing a puzzle without an error :)
    * Movie-themed/Non-movie-themed clues are displayed in yellow/light-gray above the puzzle.
    * Movie-themed/Non-movie-themed clues are displayed in blue/charcoal on the Clue List.
    * You can use gestures for navigation and selection.
    * If you play at the "Regular" skill level, wrong letters are displayed in red.
    * You can choose the "Pencil" or "Pen" mode, depending on your confidence level.
    * Clue List lets you see all the clues in Across or Down direction.
    * You can get hints, send tweets, search the Internet or cheat without leaving the game.

    * Your work is automatically saved so you will never need to worry.
    * Configurable settings let you enjoy playing the puzzles at different skill levels and in preferred "zoom" mode.
    * You can customize your gaming experience by selecting a preferred search engine, enabling/disabling audio/visual experience.
    * A User Guide is included for your reference.

    FUN Tips
    * We encourage you to get help from your friends or look for an answer on the Internet whenever you are stuck. You will see some unique animations if you try not to use "hint" or "cheat" provided by the game.
    * When you complete a puzzle without an error, expect an entertaining animation!
    * Earn 5 Movie Fan! puzzles if you successfully complete any one of the 25 puzzles without cheating or getting hints.

    PLAYING Tips
    * The Internet is full of resources. Select a preferred search engine and explore whenever you are stuck.
    * We encourage you to socialize with your friends. To get outside help, you can send tweets with clues.
    * You can select a cell on the Crossword View and start typing with "Single Tap".
    * You can zoom in or out on the Puzzle View with "Double Tap".
    * To move to the previous or next word in the Across direction, Swipe Left or Right.
    * To move to the previous or next word in the Down direction, Swipe Up or Down.
    * "Drag" with a finger to move the view when you are in the "Zoom In" view.
    * Get Hints by tapping "Hint" on the Tool Palette repeatedly.
    * Select "Cheat" from the Letter/Word Action Sheet if you are totally stuck.
    * Select "+ Keyboard" to open the keyboard and start typing.
    * Select "+ Clues" to bring up the Clue List alongside the Puzzle View.
    * Start with easier clues by popping up the Clue List.

    For news on our future releases, please check out our website,, or follow us on twitter,

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