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Only on iPad

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  • Version:2.2
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  • Requirements:iPad23G,iPad3G,iPadWifi,iPad2Wifi


    Game Information

    Key Solitaire offers the wordplay of crosswords and classic letter-tile games to the solo player and on a larger 19x19 canvas.

    The goal is simple, starting from any corner build words so that you cross the board diagonally in the fewest possible moves. Points are awarded for fewer words and for longer ones. Many people can cross the board in 10 words? Can you do better? The rewards increase if you can manage it in 9, 8, 7, even 6. Key Solitaire tracks high scores in the Wall of Fame.

    Since any word game is only as good as its dictionary, Key Solitaire has several to choose from. US players may like the Tournament list (160,000+ words), UK players might prefer a UK English dictionary (154,000 words). You can even play against the built-in iOS dictionaries in French, German, Spanish or US/UK English. Language students, what a great way to practice your vocabulary against a broader, more relaxed dictionary?

    Featuring a useful help system and an attractive customizable interface, Key Solitaire is sure to challenge your word power and look good while doing it.

    So go ahead, start shuffling those tiles and see how well you can do.

    The tile-bag holds 96 tiles, your rack 10. After you play a word, your tile-rack is replenished with random tiles from the bag. It takes word-skill but also some luck to cross the board in fewer words. See the help screen for tile distribution and word scoring rules.

    It's great fun forming longer words and testing your vocabulary but don't lose sight of that opposite corner. As soon as you play your first word, we mark your target square with a bulls-eye symbol. Try to play close to the diagonal line from starting corner to target. If you run out of vowels, play your consonants on any available vowel on the board. Hopefully the tile-bag will bring you better luck next time.

    Non-English Dictionaries
    This game is intended to be played in English. The internal dictionaries reflect this (US & UK versions). The option to use different language dictionaries does not mean the app is internationalized. We added this option (per suggestions from beta-testers) for students of those languages who might like to practice their vocabulary against the default dictionaries built into their iDevice. These dictionaries are supplied by Apple and are not intended for serious game-play. Note too, that tile-letter distribution is fixed (see help). It does not change with dictionary/language and diacritics are ignored.

    We love playing this game and our beta testers have raved about it. Everything can be improved however so tell us what you like and don't like, offer us your ideas to make it better. We REALLY listen to suggestions.

    What's New in Version 2.2

    Fix crash under iOS6 New icon for retina iPads Minor artwork tweaks

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