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  • Version:1.2
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  • Requirements:iPhone-3GS,iPodTouchourthGen,iPodTouchThirdGen,iPhone4,iPod-touch-with-mic,iPhone-3G,iPhone,iPod-touchiPad2Wifi,iPadWifi,iPad3G,iPad23G


    Game Information

    WARNING - This game can be addictive.

    Object - 'It' is kinda like the game called 'BopIt'. You have six different tasks that will pop up on the screen, and you must complete a task in a short amount of time. After every five tasks that you complete, the time to complete a task gets shorter. So the farther you go, the faster it gets. The shortest amount of time to complete a task is just under one second. Then it becomes a game of concentration.

    Tasks - Here is a list of the six tasks that are randomly picked for you to complete.
    * Tap It - Just touch one finger to the screen anywhere.
    * Flick It - Touch one finger to the screen and drag across it.
    * Pinch It - Touch two fingers and drag them inward.
    * Stretch It - Touch two fingers and drag them outward.
    * Shake It - Shake the device.
    * Say It - Say the word 'it' into the microphone. (You can say anything, but it needs to be loud enough for the microphone to hear it).

    Categories - You have three categories to choose from: Easy, Medium and Hard. These categories are set from the 'Start screen' and are based on the number of tasks you have turned on. You must have four tasks turned on for Easy, five for Medium, and six for Hard.

    Game Types - You have two types of games. You can set this at the 'Start screen'. The first is 'Single'. You play this by yourself and it keeps your score so you can post on the High Score server. The second game is 'Multi'. You can play this with a group of friends. When the game starts you most get five tasks correct then you will get the message 'Pass It'. You then pass the device to the next player. You will have four seconds to pass the device. After every pass the game will speed up until someone does not complete five tasks and has been eliminated from the game. Keep doing this until you only have one player (the winner).

    Scoring - Scoring is only for the single player mode. It is based on the number of categories you have chosen. You get points for attempting the task, so you will never get a zero score. You get points as follows for each task attempted:
    * Easy (four categories) = 4 points.
    * Medium (five categories) = 5 points.
    * Hard (six categories) = 6 points.

    Tips - Here is a list of things to remember when playing.
    * (1) You will fail a task if you do any other task than the one requested.
    * (2) If you have 'Say It' turned on, then remember it will pickup any loud nosies which will cause you to fail the task if the task is anything other than 'Say It'. Regular noise levels will not trigger the microphone.
    * (3) If you have 'Shake It' turned on, then remember it will pickup your shake which will cause you to fail the task if the task is anything other then 'Shake It'. Regular movement will not trigger the shake.

    Coeus Systems Inc. WebSite -
    * You can view high scores for this game.
    * You can report problems or suggestions.
    * You can see some of the other games that we have made.

    What's New in Version 1.2

    Fixed wrong category when device is a iPod touch with no microphone.

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