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Hostile Tower Defense Free


Game Information

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  • Version:1.5.1
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    Game Information

    Hostile TD is a unique 3D tower defense game where enemy ships return fire.

    The Free version features 20 levels on Casual and Advanced mode with 3 difficulty levels.

    The Free version installs a small icon on your phone and notifications to help with funding to bring new and exciting features to future versions. The Icon can easily be deleted if you do not like it.

    The paid version has no Advertisements.

    Thank You for supporting Independent Game Developers.

    Supports SD card installation.

    You are faced with a hostile enemy that wishes to wipe out your continued existence by capturing your resources and devastating your worlds. These enemies also have weapons systems of their own and will stop at nothing to cause the utmost mayhem and destruction upon your towers.


    - 2 Game Modes:

    Casual: For players who enjoy diving straight into the action game play.

    Advanced: For players who enjoy a deep strategic game play researching different technologies and custom designs of Weapons, Cores and Projectiles.

    - 5 different scenarios

    - 100 levels

    - Many different designs to choose from

    - Over 45 Technologies to research

    - 3 difficulty levels

    Choose your own tactics to defeat the hostile enemies.

    Building Types:

    A Unique Defense System – 3 types of damage protection consisting of Shields, Armour and Hull with a main Core needed for running vital systems. However be weary as the Core takes damage, all functions of your Weapons and Meta Cores will suffer.

    Meta Core – A well defended technologically advanced tower placed in the center of a base that gives a small aura bonus to any weapons built on the same base platform.

    Cannon – A well-rounded mass-driver weapon firing Shell Projectiles delivering good range, damage and piercing effects. The Cannon has a strong emphasis on all 3 types of damage protection with a well-built core to ensure a high survivability for the battle to come.

    Launcher – A long-ranged warhead delivery system firing Missile Projectiles

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