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    Game Information

    **This version is made for mobile, if you use Tablet, Note, S3, One X, please search "Header HD" and download the HD version for the best display quality. **

    ※ If you have any question, please mail to, we will help you to solve it as far as possible. Thanks!

    【Game Introduction】
    "Header" is an exciting motion-based game. It's not only easy to control but also brings a lot of fun. In Header's world, the more balls you head, the more you rock. The players must get enough scores before moving on to the next level. When the players are leveling up, the speed of the ball is getting faster and faster. Even more, there’re a variety of barriers coming up to attack you!

    In this game, you can either fight for higher scores or earn the coins by accomplishing challenges. You can buy some items in the shops with the coins you earn to strengthen yourself in ball-heading. The head items in the shop can extend the range of heading, and also the background music changes!

    【Game Rules】
    - When heading the ball continuously, you get the combo bonus. You can get 10 scores with each ball you head at most.
    - When you are attacked by the barriers, the scores are deducted, and you lose the combo bonus as well.
    - Try to head the ball to the background items, something special will happen.

    【How to Play】
    - Swing your mobile to control the characters.
    - When the ball flies to you, control the character to head it.
    - When the barriers come out, dodge them as quickly as possible.

    Some items need the "Unlock Key" to unlock.

    Keyword: moai, city, wii,Kinect,football,soccer

    Recent changes:
    - add hint "download more games can get award coins".

    Content rating: Everyone

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