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Guidecraft - Furniture, Seed and Crafting Guide for Minecraft


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  • Version:3.0
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    Game Information

    Guidecraft is an unofficial guide for Minecraft. This app provides a Furniture Guide, Seed Database and a Crafting Guide (with all recipes) for Minecraft. Ther's more though! Also included is a guide, cheat section and achievements! Don't buy multiple apps when this app is the ultimate guide for your favorite game.

    I. Furniture Guide:
    Okay so you have a house or a castle built, now it's time to fill it with some furniture! Give your empty rooms some life with a ton of ideas. We cover tons of different items and include a materials required list for each item! Every item also includes a guide for how to make it. Other apps show images only, while we actually explain how to create everything!

    -This app includes a ton of furniture items to add excitement to your buildings, or even to your outside world
    -Every item gives it's listed requirements, down to every single item you need
    -Every item includes a guide for how to make it from scratch, step by step to make it as easy as possible.
    -A lot of unique items like a trampoline, dog house, snooker table, pinball machine...

    II. Seed Database:
    Want to try out some cool seeds in Minecraft? Well check out our seed database. For each seed we show off a screenshot of what it looks like, explain the area and surroundings, and give coordinates for interesting sites to visit.

    -Includes a lot of good beginner seeds
    -Includes seeds which start off with diamonds in blacksmith houses!
    -Want some challenge? Try an island seed and try to survive with barely anything.

    III. Crafting Guide / Recipe Selector:
    Also included is our handy crafting guide / recipe selector. This makes checking recipes so simple and easy, you can play the game and quickly check a recipe you forgot within seconds. Simply turn to the recipe you want and bam, it's there instantly.

    -Includes all current recipes in the game
    -Includes all icons to show exactly what is required

    IV. Additional Content:
    In addition to the Furniture Guide, Seed Database and Crafting Guide.. we also include a complete guide for the game! This guide covers: beginners guide, cheats, unlockables, achievements, how to "beat" the game, and more!

    -Includes a guide for every version of Minecraft (PC, console and mobile)
    -Includes cheats and PC codes, to get the most out of your game
    -Includes unlockables, like 360 avatars
    -Includes achievements for all the versions

    ★ This app can be used for ALL versions of Minecraft, from PC to Xbox to iOS. ★
    ★ Additional updates on the way! We will continue to add new furniture and new seeds on a regular basis! We will also update the crafting guide when needed. ★
    ★ Additional features are also planned! So stay tuned ★

    -This is an unofficial guide for for the game Minecraft. We are not affiliated to Mojang AB in any manner.
    -This app adheres to the terms for commercial content set out by Mojang AB at

    What's New in Version 3.0

    In this update: -Fixed broken images of the newest seeds -Fixed issue where keyboard wouldn't disappear when used to search through guide -Added new seeds and furniture -Added new Redstone Advanced guide and other guide info/updates (Remember, tap on the "More" tab then "Guide" to get here) -Fixed data values in recipes -Other minor updates and fixes -Thanks to everyone who have sent in bugs, ideas, suggestions and more! In 2.9: -Added new content for the 1.6 patch -Added new furniture (like a popcorn machine, pool, animal farm and more!) -Added new seeds -Added new guide content (Mob Traps, 1.6 info...) -Remember to check out the "News" section for more guides, articles, news and more!

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