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  • Version:1.4
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  • Requirements:iPodTouchThirdGen,iPhone4,iPhone-3G,iPhone,iPhone-3GS,iPod-touch-with-mic,iPodTouchourthGeniPadWifi,iPad2Wifi,iPad3G,iPad23G


    Game Information

    So, you've always imagined that picking
    colors was an easy task, haven't you?

    But what would happen if the colors' names
    differed from their actual appearance?!
    ... and if your choice had to be made in a
    fixed amount of time?! ... and if the
    number of available colors would
    increase?! ... and if you had to pick two
    of 'em at once?! ... still easy?

    There's only one way to find out: start
    the quest and challenge yourself with
    GAMUT Free!

    GAMUT Free's rules are simple: Just look
    at the color name shown during a level's
    play and hit -- by tapping -- on the
    corresponding color spot shown on the
    Generally, colors' names are shown with an
    appearance that differs from their names
    (e.g., red written in yellow)... so what
    seems to be incredibly easy may not be
    after all ;-)

    A variable number of mistakes, fixed per
    level, and available colors that increase
    along with the game difficulty makes GAMUT
    Free a very entertaining and
    brain-stimulating game. In addition, the
    time-frame where a color name is shown
    gets smaller according to the level's

    GAMUT Free's features:

    * 5 single-touch levels
    * 1 double-touch level
    * Save/Restore the last completed level

    If you think these levels are not enough
    to challenge your skills, than get the
    full version of GAMUT, feed your brain,
    and test your reflexes with
    12 single-touch levels and
    12 crazy double-touch ones!

    Single and double touch levels are
    interleaved in blocks of five, with the
    finals organized as suc^H^H^H^H well,
    you'll figure it out, if you're crazy
    enough ;-)

    (psss, I'll tell you a secret: everything
    follows Fibonacci, after all. This may not
    help you with the game, but it's always
    nice to know ;-))

    What's New in Version 1.4

    Major bug fixed (when restarting a level the timer wasn't reset and it was possible to keep playing ad libitum)

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