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    Game Information

    I take a picture of the game wind of nostalgia old! !
    Processing can also be a dot painting pictures with family soul processing!

    The captured image, try to surprise friends in processing with the impact with Share facebook, Twitter, in LINE!

    In this application, log in to the Game Center will be performed, but this place has been used to score for the mini-games that can be played in the trick.
    The trick to play a mini game, please find yourself.

    Taking the high score in the mini-game ...

    This app, I developed the app in the game like members of veritable was doing the game since I was small.
    It was developed to I hope to be able to trigger the new communication look back in thought to the wonderful game who still an persist in memory even after the time of several decades.
    Please enjoy.

    ▼ manual of this application

    How to use (shooting method)
    It is in camera mode If you choose a frame of your choice.
    You can be a photo shoot on the spot.
    However, if you wish to use a photo of the album, please select album read button at the bottom right of the screen (mountain mark).

    How to use (synthetic method)
    In the photo after reading from the album and after shooting, it can be adjusted for synthesis.
    Size and position of the photos, the adjustment of the angle can be adjusted freely be to (pinch your finger on the screen) pinch operation on the screen.
    The Rotate button 90 degrees at the bottom right of the screen, you can rotate the photo by 90 degrees each time you press.

    How to use (family soul processing method)
    Your preference, I can choose the processing method from processing button at the top of the screen center.

    *No image processing
    It remains in that state of processing without

    *black and white
    Image quality, processing color to black and white as is

    *Famicame processing (color)
    The color processing number of colors is small in coarse

    *Famicame processing (black and white)
    It is a black-and-white processing number of colors is small in coarse

    *Ultra Famicame processing (color)
    From family soul processing, it is a clear color processing

    *Ultra Famicame processing (black and white)
    From family soul processing, it is a clear black-and-white processing

    ※ In the case of mosaic processing of family soul is too strong ※
    To an enlarged slightly bigger once the size of the original picture, please apply the family soul processing. Please be placed in the desired size using a reduced photo of processing processed then.
    Then it is possible without the image is too crushed in a mosaic pattern, to be processed.

    For frame function addition demand
    If you have any trouble the app itself and additional elements of the request
    Twitter account of "application Gakuen" to (@ appgaku2012), please contact us.

    Thank you for your cooperation and support you give even the reviews, it will be a motivation to function addition.

    Developing other applications
    Please use it other apps that we have developed!
    *Gunma CAMERA
    Keywords Famicom Camera,famicon,Super Mario,nintendo,Street Fighter,Game,Emulator,Mario Cart,Zelda,Gundam
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    What's New in Version 1.2.4

    The bug is fixed layout is broken in the photo synthesis

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