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  • Version:1.6
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  • Requirements:iPhone-3GS,iPodTouchourthGen,iPodTouchThirdGen,iPhone4,iPod-touch-with-mic,iPhone-3G,iPhone,iPod-touchiPad2Wifi,iPadWifi,iPad3G,iPad23G


    Game Information

    Fade is a deceptively simple and highly addictive casual game. Fade combines the freedom of placing tiles anywhere on the board with a brain teasing number based removal. If your tired of the same old tile matching and bubble busting games your ready for Fade.

    * Tiles may be placed on any open space on the a 7 by 7 grid.
    * Features 8 different tile types.
    * New tiles are introduced as you progress to new levels.
    * Starts out easy and gradually increases in difficulty.
    * Native support for iPad.
    * Great for all ages.
    * 4 Modes of game play.

    Game Modes:
    Classic – The basic game with a slow progression of difficulty.

    Rush – Timed mode with only 5 seconds to make a drop decision. Difficulty starts out harder and progresses in difficulty more quickly than Classic mode.

    Epic Fail – Try to fill the board in this quick playing anti-Fade variant. It uses the same rules as Classic except you are trying to fill the board. Try to make the “Low Score” board in this challenging twist.

    Expert - 9 New tiles and a difficult game play. Can you reach higher levels and Fade the new tiles?

    How to Play:

    Drop tiles into the play area to create groups of consecutive tiles in either vertical or horizontal direction. When the number on a tile matches the number of tiles in either its vertical or horizontal group the tile fades away and is scored.

    Some special tiles only fade if they match the group in one direction (vertical or horizontal). Others require special arrangement of tiles to “unlock” the tile and reveal its hidden number.

    Be careful where you place tiles because some combinations can never be faded off the board. Once you run out of available spaces to drop tiles the game is over.

    Fading tiles can lead to new group sizes that causes other tiles to fade as well. Start off long chain reactions to score big scoring multipliers.

    Fading tiles that belong to multiple groups scores bonus points.

    Additional large bonus and level up awarded for clearing the board.

    Download and play Fade today for endless hours of challenge and enjoyment.

    What's New in Version 1.6

    We would like to thank everyone that has purchased our game by giving you another free update. This update includes a new challenging expert mode of play. We have introduced 9 new tiles in expert mode to challenge anyone that has mastered Fade. New in version 1.6: * Updated tutorial section for selection based lookup. * New expert game mode with 9 new tiles. * Updated graphics and icons. Please leave us feedback in the app store and let us know what you think of the new mode and what your high score is. Previous features and bug fixes include: Version 1.5 of Fade includes: * Classic - Standard game play. Take your time, strategize, and go for the high score. * Rush - Place your tiles quickly because the clock is ticking. * Epic Fail - How fast can you lose. Fill the board quickly and go for the all time low score. It's not as easy as it sounds! Feel free to email for any feature requests, or problems that you encounter. If you like our game please leave us some feedback on the app store. We love to hear from users about our games.

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