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  • Version:1.4.3
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    Game Information

    Ebo's Farm is a children's game that combines scientific knowledge, interactions and fun into one app. By growing a variety of farm products, kids will learn how plants grow, the effects that water and other factors have on different produces, while having fun at the same time. The farm will also have many upgrades available in the near future, such as vegetable garden and fish pond! Surprise awaits your kids in this fun and educational app!

    ★★★★★ Features:
    1. Science
    ★ See how eight different kinds of plants and fruit trees grow, learning about their growth process, helping them grow, and then being able to reap the rewards!
    ★ Fruit trees needs good care, which involves planting, watering, and feeding them.
    ★ See insect friends such as butterflies, beetles and worms visit your farm.

    2. Interactions
    ★ Click on the water bucket to water plants, click the fertilizer to fertilize and click the worm to soften the ground. Finally click the wheelbarrow to gather fruits.
    ★ Click the eraser to remove a plant and replant something else.
    ★ Protect your farm from harmful bugs and insects that may destroy your crops!

    3. Fun
    ★ Watch eight different kinds of fruits as they grow, learn the growth process and how plants grow from simple seeds into trees and then blossom to produce fruits.
    ★ Watch as butterflies fly, and receive strange visitors while swinging on a swing. Many other cool animations await you.
    ★ Panda Ebo will provide the plants with water and fertilizer to help it grow.
    ★ Listen to peaceful music while living on the peaceful farm

    4. Gameplay
    Kids can gather fruits to make a “Fruity Piano” to play music (All eight fruits must be collected first to play the piano)

    5. Creativity
    Children will be able to click the store signs, to trade fruits with the store in exchange for decorations for your farm (such as rainbow, butterflies, balloons, various flowers, and cute and romantic farm house etc.) You can then customize the farm to your liking.

    Story background:
    Ebo is a hard working panda who lives on a little farm. He likes to swing back and forth on a swing during his spare time while thinking about beautiful Eva who lives far away. A while ago, Ebo found out that Eva is on her way!

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    What's New in Version 1.4.3

    Updated the front page.

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