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City Legends


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    Game Information

    Build Your City

    Please upgrade to latest version if you have network problems

    Welcome to City Legends where you and your friends can create your new civilization on this city.

    build and decorate your city with Stadium,Business Center,Town Hall and Arch. Check the screenshots for sample of wonderful cities.
    come and visit others to praise their city. add friends then you can praise more.

    * over 80 home, public buildings, decorations and factory products.
    * design and build your city with your imagination.
    * send gifts to your friends.
    * repair other's building and also get bonus by collect them
    * notification when goods are sold.
    * gain coins when your sold goods.
    * collect tax from your buildings
    * vote other's city if you like.

    How To Play:
    * You may sometimes see a "repair" button on the buildings of your friend cities. Click the button to help repairing their houses. You will be rewarded with coins.
    * You may sell products from Factories for coins or collect coins by taxing and repairing houses of your friends. You may also purchase gems and coins from Tapjoy Offerwall.
    * Click a free factory and pick up a product to produce. Come later (as it takes some time to produce) and sell the product for profits.
    * Some key points in this game: take part in the community actively and invite more friends. You will be rewarded with free buildings by exchanging gifts with them. Visit your friend and repair their buildings to earn coin rewards. And don't forget to collect taxes from your buildings.
    * Different buildings provide various benefits. Houses increase your population, public buildings and decorations will make your citizens happy and thus increase the happiness index of your city. Make a balance when developing the city.
    * Click on your avatar (top right of the screen) to display your homepage. Give it a good domain name!
    * You are encouraged to visit other people's cities and make friends with them. Friends have the advantages to exchange gifts, he

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