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Bugs X Beauty


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    Game Information

    Bugs X Beauty (虫子 x 美女)

    youku gameplay video (游戏视频):

    Rescuing a beauty as a hero is perhaps one of our childhood dreams. Now come and enjoy the new title Bugs X Beauty and be a hero who saves the beauties from the army of bugs!

    The gameplay is simple. You have to prevent the bugs from reaching the attack zone by simply tapping on bugs to kill them. You will advance to the next level by killing a certain number of bugs. The game is over when a certain number of bugs reaches the attack zone and launches their attack that’s when you lose the love of a beauty! If you tap on the wrong place, the girl may get pissed off or give you some unexpected surprises to encourage you, so make sure your heart won’t melt by her surprises!

    Hundreds of sexy beauties and models await your rescue, and will give you different responses based on your performance.
    Adorable bugs working their ways to the beauties, including caterpillars, fleas, little snakes, unicorn beetles, even the bees come and contribute to the chaos! It may be hard to resist laughing at these vivid, adorable and clumsy bugs.
    Various tools help you extend your playtime. Some may recover the beauty’s energy, slow down the bites, or blow them up... Come and explore! You may even get a sweet kiss in return.

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    虫子 X 美女




    Content rating: High Maturity

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