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    Baseball official app Bulletin summarizes the thread about professional baseball, Major League Baseball

    App is free baseball news to be delivered to the center of the voice of your own cut and channel 2 news about baseball (NPB), Major League Baseball (MLB), the Olympic Games, such as WBC, professional baseball.

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    ● texts of this blog article is reprinted from the bulletin board on Channel 2.
    Please contact us if there is a problem do something about the text and images listed.
    I will take appropriate action promptly after confirmation.
    ● Comments unrelated malicious comments, articles, comments, advertising will be deleted.

    Ichiro "baseball people (in the measure) is not quite good"
    Hidetoshi Kiyotake rebuttal to Mr. Hara message "I do not know anything about Mr. Hara to" and
    Rampage two hits and four hits in five at bats return to the starting lineup of Ichiro! SEA 12-9 ARI add flowers to achieve 2,500 hits led his team to victory
    "After this season ends recurrence" pitching coach in 2 ... Now, without standing Sino-Japanese military, a military return Medford pitcher Asao
    Mr. Ochiai the director emerged WBC! Conditions are met Mr. Kato
    Hanshin pinch to deregistration in the bone contusion of the right femur Fujikawa guardian deity baseball players
    Takaaki Ishibashi Kazuhiro Kiyohara Tunnels versus TV Asahi broadcast is May 1 ... 7 showdown baseball board real "king of Tunnels is my sport!"

    In fear of the mosquito problem ... "Jack Kyuen" Nippon Meat Packers, Inc. is a question mark players arrive
    To unity in the "Ranbado" the Mizuno logo, baseball supplies
    Cast decision "entertainer Hiroshima Carp" Ametoku
    Strict attention to outfielder Vladimir Valentin you update the Yakult own Twitter [baseball], during the game
    Imamura, Hiroshima crying [baseball], on a bench
    To the base! Yahoo Dome Day "schoolgirl" Pink color
    "I want raise the state of the" urge to rouse Yuki Saito, four losses, the first director Kuriyama, Nippon Ham [baseball] In the hunting

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