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BrainFreeze Puzzles - 中文 Chinese Collectors Edition


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    Game Information

    中文特別版 - 2009

    謝謝跟現在有 BrainFreeze 的人。BrainFreeze Puzzles 自從 2009 年 4 月下載了超過100,000 個遊戲。
    結帳新 BrainFreeze Collectors 版本,請造訪 ProWeb 遊戲 App 商店。
    BrainFreeze是一場富挑戰性比賽。 有益于所有人民。 這場比賽跟其他比賽不同。 它有十二個不同水平。

    BrainFreeze的经验相结合的三维立方体的游戏与iPhone和iPod的触摸移动平台,其结果是富有挑战性和乐趣。 12个各级更难得到逐步的比赛继续进行。游戏瓷砖从未发起的相同顺序;这意味着没有任何游戏都一样。

    1 。 BrainFreeze是一个伟大的方式,花时间,而您的旅行。如果您是滞留在机场或飞机,乘坐汽车,或在一个孤独的酒店房间,游戏可以让您享受其中的乐趣。
    1. TRAVELING – BrainFreeze is a great way to pass the time while you travel. If you’re stuck in an airport or on a plane, traveling by car, or, in a lonely hotel room, this game will keep you entertained.

    2 。上班或上学-你发挥离散,老板或教师将无法看到。这场比赛只需要很少的运动,你只能玩游戏,用拇指。
    2. WORK OR SCHOOL - Discretely play without your boss or teachers noticing. Game play requires very little movement; you can play the game in one hand with just your thumb.

    3 。忙碌的父母-伟大的分心儿童, 1级和2个被认为是很容易的一个年轻的人保持的挑战。
    3. BUSY PARENTS - A great distraction for the kids, levels one and two are considered very easy, perfect for keeping a young person occupied and challenged.

    BrainFreeze combines the experience of three dimensional cube gaming with the iPhone and iPod Touch mobile platforms, the result is challenging and fun. Twelve levels get progressively harder as the game continues. Game tiles are never launched in the same order; this means no game is ever the same.

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