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    Game Information

    Using the familiar "bracket" system, Battle 16 is the FUN, VISUAL and ADDICTING way to discover and share opinions about music, books, movies, fashions, sports, celebrities, people, gift ideas, and MUCH more!

    Battle 16 uses the “bracket” system to have up to 16 contestants face off in a single-elimination tournament. A battle can be ANYTHING from “The best singer of all time” to “The most beautiful girl in school” to "Which dress should I wear to prom?!?!" Players vote in these battles until a winner emerges!


    There are three main ways you'll have hours of have fun with Battle 16:

    1) VOTING - Browse through hundreds of "Live" Battles that others have created and start voting in any you find interesting. For example, you might find a Battle called "The Greatest Rock Song Of All Time," where you could listen to, and then vote between, Zeppelin's "Stairway to Heaven" and "Satisfaction" by the Stones. When the voting for a Match ends, the winner advances to face new challengers all the way to the Finals where a winner is crowned. Voting in Battles is a fun way to not only voice your opinion, but also to discover new music, gift ideas, recipes, the latest fashions, and much more.

    2) PREDICTING - Browse through thousands of "Concluded" Battles (where voting has ended) and make a “prediction” of which Contestant you think won the Battle. Every Battle 16 player has a "Prediction Power," ranging from 1 to 100. The better you are at predicting winners, the higher your Prediction Power. It's also just a lot of fun browsing through all the Concluded Battles to see how they turned out.

    3) BUILDING - Here is where you'll have the most fun! Rather than just voting in Battles created by others, you can build your own! Anyone can build Battles for all players to vote in. The app's "Battle Builder" walks you through the step-by-step process, making it easy for anyone to build a Battle with a few simple taps, automatically bringing in any photos, songs or videos you’ll need. (The Building step is only available when running on and iPad or iPad Mini.)

    PLAY WITH FRIENDS! Battle 16 is even more fun when played with your family and friends, by comparing each other's tastes and seeing how skilled each of you are at making predictions. Share your Battles on Facebook, Twitter, email, text message, etc.

    Battle 16 is a FREE app, so come join the fun!


    What's New in Version 1.04

    Remember...High ratings keep us motivated to keep adding features. :) - NEW!  Battle Builder for the iPhone! Now you can build battles from an iPhone, not just the iPad. - NEW!  Live Battles with lots of participants now receive either a "Hot" (Flames icon) or "Exploding" (Explosion icon) badge next to the number of Participants.  Currently, a Battle receives the Hot badge when it hits 50 participants and Exploding when it hits 100.  (These required numbers can change over time, as the popularity of the app changes.) - NEW!  You can now view a list of which Players have participated in a Battle BEFORE you choose to participate or not.  For both Live and Concluded Battles, from the Thumbnail view that you see before you participate in the Battle, just tap on the area that shows the number of Participants to view a list of who those participants are.  This can help you decide to participate in a particular Battle if you can see certain friends are also participating.  - NEW!  You can view which Players have Liked or Disliked a Contestant by tapping on the counter to the left of the Thumb up or down button. - ENHANCED! When on the Vote page, a single tap on an image will enlarge it.  (Before you had to tap the Zoom button.)  This is particularly useful on the iPhone, where the images are smaller and you want to quickly zoom them out to view before casting your vote.  This also now allows you to zoom out on media type images that don't have a Zoom button, since we use that space for the Play button. - ENHANCED! In the Battle Builder, when searching for an image, you can now double tap on a suggested search term and it will perform the search on that term.  (One tap still sets the search term so you could edit the term before tapping the Search button.)   - ENHANCED! Moved the Like/Dislike buttons off to the side on the iPad views so they don't block the main part of the image as much. - ENHANCED! We now hide the Like/Dislike buttons when voting in a match-up until AFTER you've voted.  We did this to help prevent players being confused, thinking they vote by using the Thumbs up or down buttons. - ENHANCED! We now hide the Builder and/or Co-Builder from the list of which players voted for which Contestants in a co-built Battle.  Before, you could figure out which Builder added which Contestant by looking at which Contestants they were voting for. - ENHANCED! When co-building a Battle, the other Builder can't tap on any of the Info links you may have added, as that could reveal to the other Builder where you're finding your Images, which you may not want them to know about. - FIXED:  Fixed a bug where sometimes the wrong name would appear for either the Lead or Co-Builder in a Co-built Battle.   - FIXED:  Fixed a bug where sometimes the Contestants would disappear from the Add Contestants grid when co-building a Battle. - Several other Misc. bug fixes and improvements.

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