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Batman Sky Adventure


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  • Version:1.7
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    Game Information

    Version 1.7 is released on 20th July 2012 to Celebrate The Dark Knight Rises Film Release on 20th July 2012.
    Batman has to stop Joker's poisonous laughing gas Balloons and Bombs before it is too late. Can he Do It with his Batarang throwing Batwing....!It is on Your hands...!

    This app contains NO ADDS at all - I am a die hard Batman fan.This is a dedication to Batman and his fans all over the world.

    Requirements:Powered by Adobe Air, Please instal Adobe Air to Play this Game.

    Fly the Batwing by tilting your device, left and right(Motion Control). Bat Wing Automatically shoots the Batarangs.

    Possible Defects and Solutions :
    -The app may get stuck, at that time please press option button and exit.
    -Restart the game.
    (The problem is due to the Adobe Air Platform for Android, expecting future updates of Adobe Air will fix it).
    -Need powerful Devices to get maximum smoothness.

    TROUBLE : Every effort is made to ensure a bug-free application. If you do encounter a problem - SEND ME AN EMAIL! and I'll fix it. Write a harsh comment and 1 star with no real info and I'll stumble around in the dark trying to find the bug - psychically. Your choice.

    Tags: Batman,Bat Man,batman, bat man,The Dark Knight Rises, The Dark Knight,TDKR, Action Game, Shooting Game, Free Game, Fun Game, Arcade Game, Cartoon Games, Power Games,, Dark Knight, DC, Spiderman, Spider man, marvel, Batarangs, Batwing

    Hope you like this game

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    Recent changes:
    -Batwing can go to far right end of the screen now.No more Unreachable balloons.
    -Optimized Graphics to increase Smoothness and upgraded game engine(from Air 2.7 to 3.2 )
    -Added Joker Poison Bombs(More Powerful than Joker Balloons)
    comes after completing level 4(Be careful its a bit faster than Balloons)
    -Slight Performance Increased
    -Special Update to Celebrate The Dark Knight Rises film release, Added New Batarang which appear after level 3
    Graphic bug Fixed...!

    Content rating: Everyone

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