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Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition



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  • Price:$9.99
  • Category:Role Playing
  • Released:
  • Version:1.3.1
  • Size:1740.82MB
  • Downloads:8
  • Developer:
  • Requirements:iPad2Wifi,iPad23G,iPadWifi,iPad3G


    Game Information

    Play the Legend.

    The original Baldur's Gate has entertained millions of fans around the globe, and has received countless awards.

    This classic saga of mystery, intrigue, and adventure has set the standard for Dungeons & Dragons™ computer role-playing games ever since.

    Now, upgraded and enhanced, it comes to your iPad.

    iPad 2 and better. iPad 1 and language support coming in a future update.

    * 80 hours of Epic RPG adventure
    * Over 40 classes and kits
    * Over 100 spells
    * over 150 magical items
    * New adventure: The Black Pits, a thrilling combat adventure
    * New character: Rasaad yn Bashir, a Calishite Monk searching for answers.
    * New character: Dorn Il-Khan, a half-orc blackguard with a history of violence.
    * New character: Neera the Wild Mage, a half-elf on a quest to control her powerful magic.

    What's New in Version 1.3.1

    Universal App: Buy it once, and play it on your iPad or iPhone. If a player's access to DLC becomes limited after installing the new patch, please select one of the two main game modes, then "Store," and then "Restore Purchase." - Saved games can now be exported by long-tapping the Quick Save button during play - Characters can now be opened in other applications during the Export Character process, including Baldur's Gate II: Enhanced Edition if it is installed - The battle music now ends correctly after combat ends - The kit description for the Wizard Slayer now correctly states that all of the Wizard Slayer’s attacks bestow spell failure, not just melee attacks - The description of the Detect Illusion spell now correctly describes the radius of the effect as 30 feet, and that only enemies of the caster are affected by the spell’s effects - The game will no longer crash when attempting to join a multiplayer game, with or without a password - The side panels on the left and right sides of the screen can now be restored on iPhone by tapping the (enlarged) buttons in the bottom left and right corners of the screen - The descriptions of innate abilities and spells can now be viewed from the gameplay screen by holding and releasing on the spell’s icon - Double-tapping an item while purchasing equipment now displays a prompt to set a purchase quantity for that item

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