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    Game Information

    The easiest way to keep score at a cricket match with the most detail captured. Determines and displays detailed stats of cricket matches as automatically as possible, with minimal data entry.

    If you are not an official scorer for a team, you may enjoy keeping score as you watch limited overs, Twenty20, IPL, or a Test match live or on television, perhaps while watching your child play. Many users of this app manage to umpire and keep score at the same time.

    * Just touch where the ball reached, then pick how many runs were scored

    * Produces wagon wheels for each batsman and an e-mailable scorecard (including a wagon wheel page per batsman) for publishing to a web site or transfer to a computer

    * Press Menu button for scorecard and then More ... for other features such as saving/loading a game

    * Long tap batsman, bowler and 'This Over' areas of Runs tab for less commonly used actions such as retired hurt or declare innings

    Enjoy this free app, like I have enjoyed so many of the other free Android apps! - Tim.
    "Give and it will be given to you."

    Please e-mail me feedback (address below in Developer Info section) since I can't reply to comments left with ratings or contact you regarding bug fixes/change requests.

    See WEB PAGE (also below in Developer Info section) for app TIPS and limitations.

    IMPORTANT: Don't use this Android app as your only record of scoring for a match, no liability accepted for incorrect data or data loss.

    If you would like some more advanced scoring features then please check out the paid version of this app: "Android Cricket Scorer+". Android Cricket Scorer+ is Android Cricket Scorer PLUS new features/changes, many requested by users.

    Recent changes:
    - Bug fixes to force closes reported by users
    - Bug fix: wrong colours in legend for 1s and 2s on large wagon wheel view and e-mailed wagon wheels (were swapped with each other)
    - Bug fix: final over of first innings was missing from Bowling Details over by over section of scorecard

    - Added device info to feedback emails to aid support
    - Over numbering now starts at 1 instead of 0 in over by over bowling details section
    - Publicising release of Android Cricket Scorer+ paid app

    Content rating: Everyone

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