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ADMIRAL : Battle for Uranium



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  • Version:1.9
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    Game Information

    "There's no security on this earth, only opportunity."
    - General Douglas Mac Arthur

    Prepare your nukes, and obliterate your opponents with an apocalyptic thermonuclear barrage, but get it wrong and their devastating counter attack will bring you to your knees!

    S.M presents its second title, ADMIRAL, a stunning simulation of global thermonuclear war.
    You play the role of a military general hidden deep within an Underwater bunker. Your mission - to successfully exterminate your enemy's civilian population whilst disabling their ability to attack your own. Start by launching your subs and bombers in order to control the last nuclear ressources of the world and increase your credits...
    Stark and foreboding, it feels like you’re at the centre of the Cold War even before a nuke has been fired.Refreshingly simple yet bursting with depth, ADMIRAL is enjoyable as both a quick blast as well as subtle strategic epic.

    - real time strategy game
    - zoom on satellite view
    - choose among 6 territories, with their own features:
    North America (Zone 0) :
    Europe (Zone 1) :
    Africa (Zone 2) :
    -scrambler (paralyser)
    Asia (Zone 3) :
    -stealth subs
    South America (Zone 4) :
    -electric field
    Russia (Zone 5) :

    - upgrade your units
    - build shields to protect your cities from nuclear threat
    - carefully select the opponent you want to nuke (bombs are expensive!)
    - nuke other cities and protect yours to increase your score and ranking (keep an eye on the 6 color bars, up of the screen: the higher your bar is, the better!):
    - 1 000 000 enemy victims = + 1 000 000 points
    - 1 000 000 allies victims = - 500 000 points
    - 111 trophies to win
    - 3 difficulty levels: rookie, captain, admiral
    - autosave

    Mail me if you need assistance:

    What's New in Version 1.9

    - bug concerning game time fixed - iOS 9 compatibility

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